Paint Sample Board - No. 296 Rangwali


Choose the right paint color with confidence for your next project. Our brush-out paint samples are handpainted on canvas artboards that you can move around the room or your home to see the color in different lighting situations. 

We recommend the Standard size for taking the guesswork out of finding just the right color, especially when choosing neutrals. The Petite boards are perfect for design presentations or taking on the go when sourcing other finishes for your project. 

Handpainted with Farrow & Ball's Estate Emulsion on archival and acid-free 100% cotton canvas. 

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Rangwali No. 296 — an adventurous pink

The most adventurous of our pinks, Rangwali is incredibly friendly and takes its name from the Holi festival of colors, in which brightly colored powders are thrown with enthusiasm. Though bright, it has an absorbing depth of color which is achieved by adding a small dose of black pigment.

Petite: 9" x 12"
Standard: 12" x 16"

100% Cotton Canvas
Handpainted in our studio in Northern California

Made to order and will ship in 3-5 business days. All paint sample boards are final sale.

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